RSS Feed Aggregator – 75% done

I am working on a Custom RSS Feed Agreggator (CRFA). The final website will be in Serbian language and it will aggregate Serbian blogs and news. I didn’t want to do it in English, because there’s too many similar websites out there for English language readers. The CRFA is written in PHP (using MySQL database) , and I will use the following third party components:

1) MagPieRSS Feed parser (written in PHP)

2) DOJO – a great Javascript/DHTML library with Ajax support. It has some really cool visual effects such as Fisheye, Modal dialog windows etc.

What’s left to be done:

1) Refreshing feeds repository:

  • Save the last run date and data 
  • create a script to go through all RSS providers, reads all feeds created after the last run, and then saves them into a database table
  • Insert a new post from the RSS feed only if pubdate>=max(pubdate) for that URL
  • Prevent URL caching of a feed on the browser side (add a random number parameter to the URL)

2) Displaying feed data:

  • Display data from Feeds repository db table.
  • Pagination (3 days worth of feeds per page?)
  • List of feeds that we aggregate

3) Administration:

  • add a single feed, and save all rss feeds available when adding it initially

4) Other:

  • Implement emailing of a recommended site.
  • Forum (or at least a shoutbox)

5) Deployment.

  •  Host the program on a free PHP server such as
  • Cron job in PHP to refresh feeds repository every 30 minutes or 1 hour?

 This post will be updated frequently.

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