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Geniushead Mobile Tasks (Update)

Some remaining issues were addressed in the version 1.0 release of Mobile Tasks, particularly in the installer. 

Mobile Tasks was submitted to last night, so expect the initial (free) download to be available in a couple weeks.  The free version will allow only 3 task entries per day, whereas the pay version is unrestricted.  The pay version will be $6, and will be submitted today or tomorrow, so expect that to be available a little after the free version comes up.

The web version (at this point named “Braintask”) was implemented last night, but because of slow load times for Dojo, it is not working properly.  I am working to replace Dojo with lighter-weight alternatives.

Braintask will be a free, ad-supported web version of Mobile Tasks.  It stores user data locally, so there is no login or registration necessary.  The next version will include the ability to import and export the local data to an XML file, which can then be used sync up with the mobile version.

Stay tuned!  There is much more to come on these exciting products.  🙂

RSS Feed Aggregator – 75% done

I am working on a Custom RSS Feed Agreggator (CRFA). The final website will be in Serbian language and it will aggregate Serbian blogs and news. I didn’t want to do it in English, because there’s too many similar websites out there for English language readers. The CRFA is written in PHP (using MySQL database) , and I will use the following third party components:

1) MagPieRSS Feed parser (written in PHP)

2) DOJO – a great Javascript/DHTML library with Ajax support. It has some really cool visual effects such as Fisheye, Modal dialog windows etc.

What’s left to be done:

1) Refreshing feeds repository:

  • Save the last run date and data 
  • create a script to go through all RSS providers, reads all feeds created after the last run, and then saves them into a database table
  • Insert a new post from the RSS feed only if pubdate>=max(pubdate) for that URL
  • Prevent URL caching of a feed on the browser side (add a random number parameter to the URL)

2) Displaying feed data:

  • Display data from Feeds repository db table.
  • Pagination (3 days worth of feeds per page?)
  • List of feeds that we aggregate

3) Administration:

  • add a single feed, and save all rss feeds available when adding it initially

4) Other:

  • Implement emailing of a recommended site.
  • Forum (or at least a shoutbox)

5) Deployment.

  •  Host the program on a free PHP server such as
  • Cron job in PHP to refresh feeds repository every 30 minutes or 1 hour?

 This post will be updated frequently.